Many advantages come from agricultural biotechnology, which is why it is an ever expanding industry that creates more jobs and products.


Get all the desirable qualities.

Bigger fruit means more food grown on less land.

More disease resistant crops decrease the loss of harvests.

More productive fields means more food and, thus, lower prices, yet better food.

Food is the most basic need of a population and, therefore, the most important. Any technology that improves the process and final product of agriculture is extremely useful.

Of course there are many concerns about the consquences that can not be expected with the changing organisms. The following cons are believed to be possible effects by other against genetic engineering.


 Loss of some indigenous species. If these new plants are bigger and better perhaps the current plants would disappear.

Limited genetic diversity. While this is a legitamate concern to heed, genetic engineering can be used to create the opposite effect on the variety by breeding two types of fruit together one such example being the pluot.

Possible extinction of plants unable to compete with these new super plants.